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MADRISQUI Neck Stretcher Hammock Support | Cervical Neck Traction Device | Spinal Alignment Decompression Massage Reliever | Head Adjustable Massager for Spine Neck Pain Relief for Men and Women

Use it and feel your neck pain fade away in just minutes! Feel how your Madrisqui neck massager makes your muscles and ligaments around the spine relax and stretch, making you feel refreshed and energized in no time!

The Madrisqui support hammock for neck and head works by slightly pulling the head away from the neck. By doing so:

– Your muscles and ligaments around the spine relax and stretch.

– Increased blood flow, circulation and oxygenation to the compressed areas.

– You feel great! Say bye bye to your chronic neck pain!

How to use it (look at images 6 and 7)

There are 2 different ways:

1) You can use your Madrisqui neck pain support with a door knob (image 7):

– Use the short strap and wrap around the door handle (Wrap as many times as needed)
– Close the door firmly
– Use the hook clip to attach the bungee rope to the D-ring

2) You can use the Madrisqui neck pain relief device width a railing or pole (image 6):

– Use the short or long strap (only one), depending on the width of the railing
– Pull the D-ring through the Strap (Wrap as many times as needed)
– Attach the bungee rope to the straps D-ring with the hook clip

Want to feel neck pain and tension free today? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click “add to cart” and order yours today!

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Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor by Balance,2017 Update Ultra Portable High Accuracy Readings, Easy-to-Read LCD, Travel Bag included with Two User Support and 2-Year Warranty

Balance Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Your blood pressure and heart rate are important indicators of your overall health, and our wrist monitor can help you conveniently track these measurements at home. We designed it to be compact and easy to use, with a comfortable wrist cuff that adjusts to fit most adult users. PRODUCT: This monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse. Measuring a compact 3.4 inches by 2.6 inches, it is portable and easy to store. The large LCD display with oversized numbers is readable even in low light. 2 users can store up to 60 records each. The adjustable cuff fits most adult users, accommodating wrist circumferences from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm. 2 AAA batteries included. Cleared for use as a medical device. SERVICE: Our team in St. Louis wants you to have a great experience with your product. Like everything we make at Greater Goods, this product comes with a digital getting started guide and video to make setup a breeze. COMMUNITY: We set aside a portion of all Greater Goods purchases to give back to our charity partners. Balance was built in collaboration with Love146, an organization that is working to end child trafficking by raising awareness and caring for survivors. When you purchase a scale from Greater Goods, you can be confident that you are caring for your own health and the health of children in need.

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Pure Blood Pressure Support – Cardiovascular And Heart Health. Cholesterol Lowering. All Natural. Made In GMP Certified Facility.90 Capsules

Take back your health!

From genetics to external pollution, our bodies encounter numerous barriers to achieving optimal health. And if you’re like most people, blood pressure and circulatory issues only seem like an inevitability. But that’s where Pure Blood by NutraPro comes in. Our supplements are clinically proven to help balance blood pressure and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, so you can break free from the fear and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Trust in nature’s best.

Your average blood pressure supplement is packed full of fillers and artificial ingredients. NutraPro believes in doing things differently. That’s why Pure Blood pressure natural supplements feature nothing but nature’s best, period. Our blood circulation supplement combines Garlic Powder, Green Tea Leaf, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Garlic Powder, and more to help relax blood vessels, cleanse blood, reduce hypertension, and even support optimal kidney health.

Your order of Pure Blood includes 90 pills, with a recommended dose of 2-3 capsules a day. Sometimes all your body needs is a reboot, and Pure Blood is here to provide just that.

Uncompromising quality.

We at NutraPro pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality standards. Our healthy heart vitamins are manufactured in the United States in FDA-certified facilities to meet all GMP standards. When you choose NutraPro, you can rest assured that you’re giving your body the highest quality vitamins and herbs that are available on the market.

Money-back guarantee!

We know that our blood cleanse will give you amazing results, in fact, we guarantee it! Try Pure Blood for 30 days. If you don’t see noticeable changes in your hypertension and general well-being, let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Feel the difference Pure Blood can make and add one to your cart TODAY!

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