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The Practical DASH Diet: Learn How to Lower Blood Pressure, Lose Weight, Heal Your Body, Prevent Disease, Feel Better! The Only DASH book You’ll Ever Need. With a 14 Day Meal Plan & Healthy Recipes

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Lower Blood Pressure, Lose Weight, Prevent Heart Disease, Control Diabetes:just a few of the amazing benefits of DASH. This science-based diet that has been acclaimed by scientists, medical professionals and consumers alike. It is consistently hailed by the New York Times and US News as the #1 Diet in the World year after year.
This book is a practical guide to the DASH Diet that shows you how to make this diet work for your life.
With a 14 Day Meal Plan, 30+ Recipes, Shopping Lists, Nutrition Plans, Guides for Food Group Servings

The amount of processed foods, refined sugars, and sodium filled junk we consume these days is alarming. No wonder heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are so rampant. The DASH diet is an answer to all of these issues and more. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins, this is exactly what your body needs to detox, maintain a healthy weight and prevent disease.

So much more than a diet, it is a lifestyle that will transform your health and improve your quality of life.
This book will teach you everything you need to know about the DASH diet as well as strategies for implementing it in your daily life.
You will Learn:

  • How the DASH diet works and how it was created and why
  • What you can and cannot eat on the DASH diet
  • All of the health benefits you stand to gain from following the DASH diet
  • How to maximize weight loss with the DASH diet
  • How to take advantage of each phase of the DASH Diet
  • How to Make DASH work for your busy lifestyle
  • This Book Features:

  • A comprehensive guide to getting started with the DASH Diet
  • Advice on all the pitfalls and struggles you may face while making these lifestyle changes
  • Practical Tips for the greatest success on this diet
  • Take the first step in transforming your health today!

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    Hypertension Down: My Research, Findings & Success! A 31 Day Meal Plan to Freedom – 7 Potent & Tested Natural Remedies

    Hypertension Down

    My Research, Findings & Success! A 31 Day Meal Plan to Freedom

    7 Potent & Tested Natural Remedies

    I come from a family where everyone suffers from high blood pressure. Growing up I knew every sibling of my mother (there were 11 of them including my mother) and my grandfather; all had hypertension. Some had it in more severe form than others.

    My mother had one of the more acute forms, where she would faint and pass out without any prior warning, and it took a lot to bring her back. I used to monitor her pressure once a day as we maintained a chart for her. On a typical good day her BP would read 145/95, and on a bad day, it would read 210/125. She started on BP medication when she was 27, she is now 76, and she never stopped taking them until last year. We reduced her dosages gradually and finally last year she became medicine free thanks to a new diet plan.

    My parents had three children; I am the middle one. My sister (the youngest), was first diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 24, since then she has been on medication. My brother and I both got on medication in our early 30’s. I am now 51 and my brother 54, I happy to report, we both are now medicine free.

    In last five years, one of my life goals was to find a way to heal from this disease, as I hated to be dependent on such medications every day. I took my time and read little over 20 some books and spent hours every week online reading up on various remedies, took notes, and discussed my findings with a good friend who is also an MD in internal medicine.

    Slowly I started to see a pattern of healing through food. I drew one conclusion that food is the key to healing this deadly disease. Once I narrowed this down, I started testing various food groups and noting down my own BP numbers; I started to see some significant difference. I felt better than ever before, and I was able to stop my medication. I knew I was on the right track. It took little over a year of tweaking and testing various foods before I could ask anyone else to be that guinea pig. The very first person was my brother, I gave him a 31-day meal plan and told him to try it. The result was truly amazing, His average BP numbers were between 135/90 to 175/110, but after just six weeks on the diet plan, it had dropped to a more manageable range of 175/70 to 190/80.

    Next, I asked mom to try it, and I am happy to report, she too is now meds free. Since then, I have offered this plan to many our extended family members where 80% of them saw great success in managing their hypertension.

    In this book, I share my findings and the meal plans that freed us from medication. I strongly believe that if you follow this plan just for 31 days, you too will see a significant difference. But one word of advice, before deciding to go off your medication, please ask your doctor if that is something you can do or not.

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    Ph.D. Janet Bond Brill: Blood Pressure Down : The 10-Step Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks–Without Prescription Drugs (Paperback); 2013 Edition

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