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Leg Positioner Knee Pillow – Made from High Quality Memory Foam – Removable and Washable Cover – Promotes Better Sleep, Improve Blood Circulation & Proper Posture Alignment

High Quality Leg Positioner Knee Pillow Made From Memory Foam Promoting lots of Health Benefits

Are you having trouble with falling asleep due to body pain such as knee, hip and lower back, or just want to get better sleep? You have found the solution! With this Knee Pillow, you can get lots of health benefits!

Here’s how this Knee Pillow does its magic:
High Quality – This hypoallergenic pillow is firm, durable, thick and is made from materials that are proven safe and effective for you and will help you get a much better good night’s sleep.
Healthier Life – Sleeping is essential in our daily lives and this knee pillow gives you comfort so that you get better sleep and refrain from experiencing stressful health conditions which can help you in achieving a healthier life!
Relaxation – All your body pain and aches will be relieved as this helps promote better and restful sleep when you place this pillow tucked under your knees or legs to get your muscles more relaxed.
Perfect For The Family – You and your loved ones can avoid slouching and other unhealthy sleeping positions when you use this as you can position yourself better while sleeping.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and say hello to better uninterrupted sleep every night! What are you waiting for? Add this to your cart now!

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ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

Use your ProSource Acupressure mat for 10 to 30 minutes a day to feel complete pain relief and relaxation. It can be used on any sturdy surface and is easily portable. Our mat will help increase your energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. As you get used to the sensation you can stand on your mat, lie on your stomach, or roll it up to use for your neck’s pressure points. You could choose to target specific problem areas of your body, or you could follow our suggested wellness routine, so that you could maximize the mat’s capabilities and promote total body relaxation and feel healthy all over.

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Cervical Neck Traction Device – by Eazy Comfort – Adjustable Home Inflatable Pillow Collar – FDA Registered – Portable Air Unit With Quick Pump – OTC Neck Extender – Pro Spinal Therapy for Pain Relief

What it does?

  • Provides neck support and stability.
  • Helps stretch the neck and provide gentle traction.
  • Helps relieve neck, head, and shoulder pain.
  • Relieves pinched nerves.
  • Supports herniated, compressed, or bulging discs.
  • Helps restore natural cervical curve.
  • Supports decompression of back and spine.
  • Helps relieve cervical neck spasms.
  • Increased blood flow to neck muscles.

How to use it?

Use for 20-30 minutes per session and you can build up to using it 2-3 times a day as needed.

Put it on, adjust the straps, pump it up, and relax. Illustrated step by step instructions will show you exactly how to use it.

Why us?

Eazy Comfort is a US based brand dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product so that you can get back to being comfortable once again.

Our product is made with the highest quality material and to the highest standards to ensure that our device lasts a long time.

Benefits and Features:

Superior Quality: Full velvet, high quality latex.
Easy to Use: No setup required, simply put on, pump, and relax.
Portable: Easy to tote and can be used anywhere.
Size: Fit’s up to a 17.5” neck size.
Full Velvet: For maximum comfort.
FDA Approved

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Add to Cart Today!

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