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Blood Pressure Monitor, HYLOGY Digital Automatic Upper Arm BP Monitor Cuff 8.7 to 12.6 Inch, Large Screen Display and 2 Users Mode 2 * 90 Memory Storage

Product Description:
Automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor
Two-year guarantee: Package include 1 x HYLOGY Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Cuff, 1 x Instruction Manual, 24 Months x Warranty Card. We stand behind our products with Excellent Customer Service and an industry leading 2-year Guarantee.

Proper Use:

Please keep quiet for 5-10 minutes, and avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising and bathing before taking measurement. All these factors will influence the measurement result.
Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm.
Always measure on the same arm(normally left).
Take measurement regularly at the same time of every day, as blood pressure changes even during the day.
If the arm artery lies lower or higher than the heart, a false reading will be obtained.


Blood Pressure Measuring Range: 0mmHg to 299mmHg
Accuracy: +/-3mmHg(+/-0.4kPa)
Pulse Measuring Range: 40pulse/min to 199pulse/min
Pulse: +/-5% of reading
Memory: 2 memory sets,90 readings each set
Power Source: 4 * AA battery(not include)
Operating temperature: 5 degree to 40 degree
Storage temperature: -20 degree to 55 degree
Storage humidity: 10% to 85%
Operating humidity: 15% to 85%
Product size: 5.47in * 3.74in * 1.77in(139mm*95mm*45mm)

Box contain

1 X Blood Pressure Monitor
1 X Cuff (22~32CM)
1 X User Manual
1 X Warranty card

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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HYLOGY Two Users Mode BP Monitor Automatic Measurement with Large LCD Display and Adjustable Wrist Cuff Monitoring Irregular Heart Rate Portable

HYLOGY aims to keep you away from disease, and live a healthy, happy life

Why Hylogy Blood Pressure Monitor is the Best Choice for you?
●It is easy to use, small and portable, more convenient for you to use daily
●With its large LCD display, it will be easier to read
●It has WHO BP level indicator, you will know the blood pressure level by the indicator
●It can memory 180 readings for 2 people, with its time and date display, you will easily find your history reading
●It has low battery indicator and powers off automatically
●It can provide clinically accurate measurement for you

Measuring Principle: Oscillometric method
Pressure Accuracy: ±3mmHg
Pressure Range: 0-299 mmHg
Pulse Range: 40-199 pulses/min
Pulse Accuracy : ±5 of reading
Cuff Circumference: 13.5-21.5cm/5.3-8.5inch
Automatic Power Off: within 3 minutes
Power Source: 2pcs AAA alkaline battery DC.3V

How to get the most accurate results
●Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol or eating before testing
●Sit tall, straight, relax and quiet when measuring
●Use your left wrist and put the palm up, keep the monitor 1-2cm away from your palm
●Put the monitor toward your heart and the same level as your heart
●Measuring your blood pressure early in the morning, at the same time everyday
●Please wait for 3-5 minutes till you completely relax, then begin next measuring

●Please use the wrist bp monitor correctly, and don’t use it in the same way as upper arm device
●Please go to the hospital regularly to calibrate the machine
As a seller on Amazon, we are confident in our product, but if you are still unhappy with our product,
please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you and make up for you till you happy again

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Blood Pressure Monitor HYLOGY Clinically Accurate Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor 2 * 120 Memory Storage FDA CE RoHS Approved

The Features of Hylogy Blood Pressure Monitor
Hylogy Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital and fully automatic device for measuring blood pressure.
Precisely measure systolic/diastolic blood pressure and pulse frequency by the oscillometric method of measurement.
Sophisticated and compact, easy to carry, monitor your blood pressure to track your health at any time.

The blood pressure values must lie within certain normal ranges in order to prevent particular diseases.
Consult your doctor if it is too high at rest (diastolic blood pressure exceeds 90 mmHg/systolic blood pressure exceeds 160 mmHg).
Even with normal blood pressure values, a regular self-check with your blood pressure monitor is recommended.

How to use
1.Open the battery cover and put the batteries in. Pay attention to the “+””-” poles of the battery.
2.Secure the cuff with the Velcro fastener and wrap around the left wrist, fasten it tightly.
3.The distance between the cuff and the hand should be approximately 10mm.
4.Sit up straight and hold back straight. Keep device and heart at the same level.
5.Press the power button to measure. Do not move and speak during measurement.

Measuring Range: SYS/DIA: 30 to 280 mmHg
Pulse: 40 to 200 beat/minute
Rated Voltage: DC 3V 1.5W
Dimensions: 69 x 63 x 29 ± 1.0 mm
Weight: 133g±5g
Cuff Size: 13.5-21cm

1.Avoid eating, smoking and exercising before the measurement. Measure after about ten minutes of relaxation.
2.Attempt to regularly measure the same wrist (usually left) at the same time per day because the blood pressure changes constantly.
3.Do not use the instrument near strong electromagnetic fields such as mobile phones or radio equipment.
4.If the instrument is not going to be used for a prolonged period, please remove the batteries.
5.Make sure children do not use the instrument unsupervised to avoid an accident.

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