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OMRON BP785N 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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The at home Omron 10 Series blood pressure monitor (BP785N) with Omron’s Advanced Accuracy helps ensure consistent, precise readings. With the touch of a button you can learn all you need to know about your blood pressure, and be assured your numbers are accurate. Omron is the #1 Doctor and Pharmacist recommended brand for home blood pressure monitors and provides consistent and accurate readings giving a detailed picture of your heart’s health over time. The 10 Series upper arm blood pressure monitor has dual sensors that automatically check each reading providing you with added reassurance of your measurements, as well as the advanced averaging feature which will take 3 readings over 10 minutes and display an average of the measurements. When you trust your heart health to Omron, you’ll be empowered by accuracy.

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LTGEM EVA Hard Case Travel Carrying Bag for Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BP786 / BP785N / BP791IT) – Black

This amazing case for your Omron Blood Pressure Monitors, you have to give it a shot!


Our case does not exist problems listed below:
*Monitors cannot fit the case perfectly
*Very flimsy and not well made
*The handle ripped in a short time
*Zipper is stuck all the time and easy to break
*Unacceptable peculiar smell

Advantages of Choosing LTGEM Case:

+Totally Tailored for Omron Blood Pressure Monitors(BP786 / BP785N / BP791IT), so it fits perfect!

+Durable Exterior and Soft Interior

+Tough Exterior protects it from bumps and jostles.

+Soft Lining Layer keeps it free of scratches.

+Sturdy Hand Strap makes transportation easy and convenient, so you can take it easily!

+Smooth but Strong Zipper gives you a better using experience. 360° Zip is convenient for you to put it in and out the case.

+Shockproof & Semi-waterproof!
Case is made of superior Hard EVA for durability. Keeps Omron Blood Pressure Monitors(BP786 / BP785N / BP791IT) 100% safe.

+If your friend also these monitors,its simple but very fashionable design makes it a great gift idea.

We offer Full Refund if there are quality problems.

NOTE: The price only covers case.

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Omron Healthcare Omron BP785N 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BP785) provides you with the highest level of assurance that your monitor is accurate with the Calibration Check System. The 10 Series features a Two User Mode and includes a pre-formed ComFit Cuff that expands to fit regular and large sized arms. A Cuff Wrap Guide Indicator on the monitor will confirm the cuff is wrapped correctly.


  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • The pre-formed arm cuff expands to fit both regular and large sized arms 9″ to 17″
  • Indicator confirms the cuff has been wrapped correctly on your arm

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