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Konquest KBP-2704A Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Accurate, FDA Approved – Adjustable Cuff, Large Screen Display, Portable Case – Irregular Heartbeat & Hypertension Detector -Tensiometro

Konquest KBP-2704A is the BEST Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for Accurately Tracking your vitals from the comfort of your own Home.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that anyone with high blood pressure monitor their blood pressure at home. This can help you keep tabs on your blood pressure in a familiar setting, make certain your medication is working, and alert you and your doctor to potential health issues.


  • QUICK AND ACCURATE – Get Reliable results in UNDER 1 Minute. FDA Approved for use as a Medical Device.
  • EASY ONE BUTTON OPERATION – Just secure the supplied cuff snugly around your arm and press the power button.
  • WHO BLOOD PRESSURE INDICATOR – The KBP-2704A Blood Pressure Indicator is based on established guidelines from the World Health Organization.
  • 2 USER MEMORY – Recall up to 60 Readings per user, for easy tracking of results.
  • PULSE RATE AND IRREGULAR HEART BEAT DETECTION – The KBP-2704A will display your Pulse Rate, and it will automatically alert you if it detects an irregular heartbeat.
  • EASY TO READ BACKLIT LCD – Digital LCD screen with Backlight lets you easily read your results, including: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user.
  • ADJUSTABLE CUFF – Our adjustable upper arm cuff comfortably fits adult arm sizes from 8 ½ “to 14 ¼ “, allowing for a snug fit on almost everyone.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Konquest KBP-2704A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Product Manual
  • Storage and Carrying Case
  • 4 “AAA” Batteries


  • Please keep this unit out of Children’s reach.
  • Medical assistance can’t be replaced by the use of this monitor.
  • Please read the included instruction manual carefully to avoid any misuse and keep it for future reference.

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TENKER Digital Home Blood Pressure Monitor-2 Users*90 FDA Approved

Measurement Guidelines
– Avoid eating, drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, smoking or exercising prior to taking a measurement. Rest in a comfortable position and stay in a calm state for 10 minutes prior to measuring.
– Always measure the same wrist (typically the left wrist).
– Try to carry out measurements at the same time of day and under the same conditions to ensure accuracy.
Product description
– Quick digital display on blue backlit LCD screen
– Designed for 2 users, each ID can store up to 90 sets readings
– Irregular heartbeat indication
– Powered by 4 AA batteries or power adapter
– Low battery indication
– Error measurement indication
– Date and time settings

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Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff 8.7”- 16.5” with AC Adapter Backlight Acrylic Display IHB Indicator 2 Users * 90 Times Memory Recall FDA Approved

Why Choose BESUNTEK Blood Pressure Motor?
Our brand new, lightweight design makes it even easier to accurately and conveniently get your blood pressure.
One step automatic Measuring, Functional memory recall.

Adjustable Large Cuff- Widely designed fit upper arm size from 8.6″-16.5″
Easy to Operate- Wearing the cuff ,pressing the power button, measure the blood pressure automatically, so conveniently
Clear Screen Number- Perfect gift/present for parents, older
Blue Back Light-The digital blood pressure monitor backed blue light, you can read the result in the dark, and visible for poor sight person
Users switchable-Just press one button to switch users

Relax for about five to ten minutes prior to the measurement.
Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising and bating for 30 minutes before take a measurement.
Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm
Always measure on the same arm(normally left)
Take measurement regularly at the same time of every day, as blood pressure changes during the day.

Blood Pressure Monitor adopts the WHO’s Blood Pressure Classification Index
Green = average blood pressure, yellow = light hypertension, red = middle to heavy hypertension.
The traffic light scale on the left edge of the screen shows you the blood pressure value in which range,easy to know the blood pressure status.

Display:2.5 inch Large LCD digital display
Measuring principle: Oscillometric method
Measuring localization:Upper Arm
Measuring range:Pressure: 0~299 mmHg
Pulse: 40~199 pulses/min
Accuracy:Pressure: 3mmHg; Pulse: 5%
Power source:DC 6V AC adapter (included)/4*AAA battery (Not included)
Package Included
1 * Blood Pressure Monitor
1 * Adult Size Cuff
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * AC 6V Adapter
1 * Carrying Bag

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