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PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball – Hand and Grip Strengthening Balls Kits- Therapy Exercise Stress Relief – Set of 5 Multiple Resistance Exercise Squeeze Eggs


Are you stress out by the fast-paced life? Do you want to find a way to relieve your sad feelings and work pressure? This relief exercise ball is specially designed for you to release stress in daily life and help you gain more confidence and passion of life. Moreover, it can also be used as therapy tool for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and Stroke.


– Brand: PBPBOX.
– Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple.
– Marerial: TPR.
– Size: Approx 5.3 * 5.3 * 5.3cm/2.09 * 2.09 * 2.09inch(L*W*H).
– Made of TPR, the stress relief ball can keep their original shape after being repeatedly compressed.
– Include 2 types therapy balls. The resistance levels include: Yellow and Green(slightly soft); Blue, purple and Red(moderately hard). Please choose a suitable resistance according to your own need.
– Multi-functional. It can relieve daily stress and strengthen your hands, forearms and fingers with simple exercise. Suitable for men, women and kids.
– It can help you gain confidence, dexterity and strength. Through exercise and training, you will make gradual progress of finger for guitar, piano, violin and rock climbing.
– It is also a great rehabilitation tool. Nice training ball for hand injury.

Package Including
5 * Set of PBPBOX Round Hand Exercise Therapy Rehabilitation Ball Set for Hand Injury Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Stroke Rehab Stress Relief 5 Squeeze Balls for Grip Wrist Finger Hand Strength

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MADRISQUI Neck Stretcher Hammock Support | Cervical Neck Traction Device | Spinal Alignment Decompression Massage Reliever | Head Adjustable Massager for Spine Neck Pain Relief for Men and Women

Use it and feel your neck pain fade away in just minutes! Feel how your Madrisqui neck massager makes your muscles and ligaments around the spine relax and stretch, making you feel refreshed and energized in no time!

The Madrisqui support hammock for neck and head works by slightly pulling the head away from the neck. By doing so:

– Your muscles and ligaments around the spine relax and stretch.

– Increased blood flow, circulation and oxygenation to the compressed areas.

– You feel great! Say bye bye to your chronic neck pain!

How to use it (look at images 6 and 7)

There are 2 different ways:

1) You can use your Madrisqui neck pain support with a door knob (image 7):

– Use the short strap and wrap around the door handle (Wrap as many times as needed)
– Close the door firmly
– Use the hook clip to attach the bungee rope to the D-ring

2) You can use the Madrisqui neck pain relief device width a railing or pole (image 6):

– Use the short or long strap (only one), depending on the width of the railing
– Pull the D-ring through the Strap (Wrap as many times as needed)
– Attach the bungee rope to the straps D-ring with the hook clip

Want to feel neck pain and tension free today? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click “add to cart” and order yours today!

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Fitness Tracker, Hizek Color Screen Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Wireless IP67 Waterproof Smart Wristand Pedometer Bracelet with Sleep Monitor/Step Counter/Calories Track/GPS Tracker

Q:Is the fitness tracker waterproof?
A:It is waterproof. Our fitness bracelet is IP67 waterproof rating. Support for short soaking protection. But for the service life of bracelets, we recommend you not to soak in water for a long time.
Q:How to charge before initial use?
A:This fitness tracker DOES NOT come with or require a special charger. You simply remove both straps and plug directly into a USB socket on a computer, mobile charger or power bank.
Q:The fitness tracker can’t display the time in accurately.
A:Please note that is need to connect Bluetooth periodically once a week to be synced automatically.

Key Features
✔Heart Rate Monitor
Continuous, automatic tracking of your heart rate to help you better understand your health and levels of fitness
✔Sleep Quality Monitor
Automatically recognized your status and monitoring the whole sleep progress with analyzing the deep sleep and light sleep hours.
✔Wrist Sense
Rotate your wrist to automatically turn on your tracker’s display for quick access to your stats and notifications
✔Call,Text&Social Alearts
See incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more
When the smart phone is beyond the Bluetooth range, the device vibrates to remind.

✔0.96 inch Large Screen
✔USB Plug and Charge,7-15 Day Standby
✔IP67 Life-level waterproof and dustproof
✔Sedentary alert

System Requirements
iOS 8.0 & Android 5.1 or above(Windows Not Supported)

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